Simon R. Steinkamp

I previously used a mixture of academic pages and nbpages for my blog and other content, and switched to quarto a while ago, so there’s still some development here.


You are now on my landing page. From here you can go further to my blog / collection and other of my projects. In the navbar on top you can find my attempts at blogging, publications, CV (soon), and other things I produced in the last years.


Here are a few projects of mine I want to highlight, please see their respective GitHub pages.


My first “full-blown” project. For a presentation I decided to translate the MTRF-toolbox for Matlab to Python and unleash the fullstack of continuous integration and testing suits on it.

Link to the Github Repro


Currently I am using nbdev for developing, especially due to the easy creation of documentations. This is a very basic command line tool, to binarize NIFTI files: The last time I checked mricron outputs brain masks in RGB, while a popular lesion symptom mapping tool expects binary images.

Link to Docs

Link to Repro